Counseling Services

Individual Counseling: 
I treat clients for; depression, anxiety, compulsive behaviors, grief and loss, trauma, low-self esteem, addictions, difficult relationships, bi-polar depression and other issues. Sometimes you may not know what it is that you are facing, life just feels overwhelming. My office is a place to feel understood and cared for as you explore issues of concern.

Women’s Counseling: 
Women experience a variety of stressors unique to women. I treat women for issues that are specific to women such as sexual abuse, rape trauma, body image, post-partum depression or depression during pregnancy.


Children and teens:
I treat children and teen girls with adjustment issues such as facing the divorce of parents, a significant move, or loss of a loved one. Other concerns may also include eating disorders, cutting, mood swings or other issue. Modalities that I use for kids include, projective play therapy, sand-tray therapy, art therapy, and the Talking Feeling Doing Psychotherapeutic game for children. Teens prefer talk therapy, journaling, and art therapy. Usually just a few sessions can help kids sort through issues of concern. Sometimes longer term therapy is recommended.

Multicultural Counseling:

Individuals from different cultures will experience life through their unique ethnic background. I personally believe culture is a beautiful aspect of life. I make an effort to respect cultural differences and strive to understand subtle differences in ethnicity. I ask clients from different cultures to educate me on their culture and how it affects them personally.

Aurora and Denver Counseling: 
Including Denver Tech Center, Greenwood Village, Centennial, Foxfield and Parker
Counseling for Women in Aurora, Colorado
Counseling for Women in Denver, Colorado
Counseling for Women in Denver Tech Center /Greenwood Village , Colorado